Mario Furloni is a Brazilian-born cinematographer, director and producer living in the United States. 

He is the cinematographer and co-producer of the critically-acclaimed documentary The Return, which won the Audience Award at Tribeca 2016 and the Golden Gate Award at SFIFF 2016 and was nominated for Emmy and Peabody awards. Furloni’s naturalistic camerawork can be seen in several recent films, including the NYT OpDocs A Ride Home, Footprint and the short documentary After My Garden Grows from Academy Award winner director Megan Mylan. He is one of the cinematographers in the Sundance 2020 documentary Crip Camp. 

As a director, he made the feature documentary First Friday (AfroPop 2014) and the short documentaries Pot Country (Hot Docs 2011) and Gut Hack, which premiered at SXSW 2017 and was released as a NYTimes Op-Doc, and a number short fiction films, including the Brazilian short “Tem Alguém Feliz em Algum Lugar /Someone is Happy Somewhere” (which screened at SFIFF and AspenShorts Film Festival). 

He made his feature debut with Freeland (SXSW 2020), a spare drama about an aging pot grower trying to adapt to legalization. The film premiered at SXSW and went on to win several awards in the festival circuit. The Hollywood Reporter called it a “beautifully etched character study, [a] measured but scathing social critique.” 

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